Reminder – OES-Blue energy collaborative scholarship

OES-BECS: call for applications 2021


Do you have a research project that has the potential to provide collaborative work with other INOREans? Does your research require use of facilities that are unavailable at your institute, but are available at the institute of a fellow INOREan? Are you looking for funding to help support the travel costs to enable this project to take place or to present your collaboration with another INOREan in a conference? Do you need funding to cover for working hours whilst working remotely? If the answer to any of the above is YES, then you could be eligible for an OES-BECS grant!

The BECS grant, up to 1000€, will be put towards travel expenses and accommodation at the research institutes where the collaborative work will take place or be presented (conference).

The call for applications for the OES Blue Energy Collaborative Scholarships ends on April 9th. Please find all the information HERE