“Realising the potential of early-stage researchers and offshore renewable energy”

Benefits of Membership

Both web-members and INOREans have access to the full user functionality of our website, which includes:

  • A user profile in the largest offshore renewable energy network in the world, which will enable others to find you, and we hope will result in new opportunities and collaborations!
  • Access to the full list of user profiles in our network. Some but not all user profiles are publicly available.
  • Posting news, jobs, and research related to offshore renewable energy on our website.
  • Signing up for INORE events.
  • Subscribing to receive updates when new items are posted to the website.
  • And there is no cost of membership!!!

Furthermore, INOREans are committed to supporting the best offshore renewable energy network in the world!

Type of Membership

Both types of membership are open to all!


A web-member is a non-voting member of INORE, and has full-access to all of INORE’s web functionality (see below). To become a web-member, simply click Sign up, and create a user-profile.

The sign-process requires the approval of a member of the Steering Committee, but this is only to ensure the applicant is a real person (not a bot). Once the application has been checked (usually a few minutes), we will send you an email confirming that you have been accepted.


An INOREan is a full voting member of INORE, and by signing up, he or she agrees to uphold INORE’s Articles of Association in particular the pursuit of our objectives:

“The object of the CIO (INORE) is the advancement of education and the proliferation of public knowledge in relation to Offshore Renewable Energy, in particular by:


  • Promoting the study of Offshore Renewable Energy and related technologies;
  • Promoting knowledge-sharing, discussion and communication amongst those undertaking work or otherwise interested in Offshore Renewable Energy;
  • Promoting research, particularly international collaborative research, and publicizing the results thereof; and
  • Supporting those engaged in or intending to engage in the study of Offshore Renewable Energy.”

To become an INOREan, click Sign-up and create a user-profile. (You may also sign up to become an INOREan at any time after becoming a web-member.) Your application must be approved by INORE’s Steering Committee, but membership is open to all. The application is necessary to determine whether the applicant is truly interested in INORE’s objectives. It is not meant to be exclusive, but we take membership as an INOREan seriously and we want to ensure that our members are so committed to our organization. As such, approval will be based on the applicant’s interests and/or involvement in research and education related to offshore renewable energy.

For more information, see our official membership policy.

Membership Facts

We literally cross oceans with members in over 70 countries, on 6 continents. Join us on the mission to realise the power of offshore renewable energy!

  • Members 1425% 1425%
  • INOREans 546% 546%
  • # of Countries Represented 76% 76%
  • # of Continents Represented 6% 6%

Membership Fees


Privacy and Terms

We take privacy seriously. You have the option to make your user profile either public or completely hidden from non-users. We will also never give away or sell your information to any third parties. We may use your information to generate bulk statistics about our network, and we may use your e-mail address to send the occasional e-mail. For more info, see our Privacy Policy.

Also, be signing up, you agree not to abuse your web privileges, which may result in your membership being revoked. For more info, see our Terms and Conditions.