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The Pacific Regional Institute for Marine Energy Discovery

Job Description

The Pacific Regional Institute for Marine Energy Discovery (PRIMED), is a marine energy R&D hub
hosted by the Institute for Integrated Energy Systems (IESVic) at the University of Victoria (UVic).
PRIMED’s resources (staff, software and facilities) were created between October 2017- March
2020 through a $1.45M grant from the former Western Economic Diversification (WED), now
Pacific Economic Development Canada (PacifiCan). PRIMED’s mandate is to accelerate the
development of the marine energy sector in Canada by filling in gaps in the knowledge base that
supports private sector innovation, and by providing a technology-neutral perspective on the
strategic and economic values of marine energy to communities in British Columbia. To fill these
roles, PRIMED staff precisely define the energy characteristics in BC’s ocean winds, waves and
tides using computational models and field measurements, and apply numerical simulation tools
to assess how well technologies convert these resources into usable forms of energy.
PRIMED is a multidisciplinary research group involving UVIC faculty, postdoctoral researchers,
graduate students and industry partners. A significant part of the group’s work involves engaging
with early-stage Wave Energy Converter (WEC) developers and developing numerical models of
WEC concepts. We are looking to recruit an individual who will work in this area. The role will
involve providing engineering advisory services and modelling resources to clients in order to
deliver support that will accelerate the development of their technologies.

The role is also expected to involve working closely with PRIMED’s wave energy resource
assessment team. The individual may be asked to assist with fieldwork activities aimed at
characterizing the wave energy resource.


The applicant will:

• Play a leadership role in the numerical modelling of scaled WECs.
• Develop methodologies to characterise the performance of WEC devices and the associated
mooring systems.
• Be responsible for maintenance of PRIMEDs existing WEC models, develop, and adapt these
models to meet different project requirements.
• Collaborate across different engineering and science disciplines and work with other
members of the PRIMED team to deliver project goals.
• Support fieldwork activities aimed at characterising the wave energy resource.

Required Minimum Qualifications:

• Undergraduate degree in a relevant engineering discipline (mechanical, civil, ocean, etc).
• Numerical modelling/simulation experience.
• Knowledge of hydrodynamic modelling of floating bodies.
• Familiar with the MATLAB environment. Competent reading and generating program scripts

Technical Skills (not required but considered desirable)

• Proven knowledge of ocean waves and marine energy resource characteristics.
• Experience in wave structure interaction modelling. Example numerical codes include
ProteusDS, WAMIT, NEMOH and OrcaFlex.
• Experience using MATLAB Simulink for modelling and simulation of electro-mechanical
• Mechanical design experience utilizing Solidworks (or similar CAD package)

Personal Skills
• Able to work independently in a non-structured environment. The candidate must be
comfortable communicating with the rest of the WCWI team.
• Able to effectively engage with remotely located external stakeholders through email,
conference calls and face-to-face meetings.

Contact and Application

Interested candidates should email [email protected] with the subject PRIMED Research
Positions, and attach:
A detailed curriculum vitae  A one-page cover letter describing your relevant (research)
experience and motivation for the position  Names and contact details for two references

To apply for this job email your details to