Hydra Startup Lab is Exosphere’s 7th program, it is the place where technology and entrepreneurship meet in a multidisciplinary environment to bring people close to emerging technologies and its applications, fostering innovation and new ideas.

During the program problem-solvers from around the world learn by working next to global experts in emerging technologies (3D printing, Biohacking, Drones, Robotics, VR, etc.) and experienced entrepreneurs (specialized in communication, design thinking, sales, design, business development, etc.) to find these solutions and build businesses.

Some of the mentors will be:


PhD Computer Scientist and electrical engineer, tinkerer, and inventor. Builds technology gadgets in his garage lab such as 3D printers, molten salt batteries, & multiband and time-lapse cameras.


Energy efficiency expert. Created the first Green Marketing company in Chile, currently working on Project Perseus, aerial rescue drones to be deployed on Viña del Mar beach.


Founded a design firm that specializes in video streaming and McKane Consulting in Dallas, Texas. Emerging technology artist and ocean conservation activist.


Molecular biologist, biohacker and a grinder. Co-founder of Science for the Masses, and creator of night vision eye drops.


Polymath, teacher, and digital entrepreneur specialized on biohacking, cryptocurrency, and 3D printing. Travelled America in a school bus converted to run on waste vegetable oil. Founder of Biohack Austin.

Exosphere believes that entrepreneurship is the force that will drive us into the future. But for this to happen,

1) Everybody needs to think and focus on bigger problems than the ones we are currently targeting and

2) We need to learn how to build sustainable businesses by applying emerging technology to be an integral part of this future.

The best way to solve problems with technology is not merely having technical people working on them, but through a collaborative environment of different disciplines (and cultures!) working together. You not only need the technically skilled, but also who can communicate, market, design, and manage the limited resources available!

More information can be found here.