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NameNicolás Tomey Bozo
ProfileI am a half Spanish-half French researcher and I grew up in Canary Islands in Spain. Then I went to the university in Madrid (ETSIN-UPM) where I did my studies conducting to the title of Naval and Ocean Engineering (equivalent to a Master degree). I did my first steps into the marine renewable energy when I chose to do a design of a Oscillating Wave Surge Converter as final project of studies. This last one was done in the frame of a exchange programme with the CENTEC in the IST (Lisbon). Since September 2014 I am part of the OceaNET project, an Initial Training Network for early stage researchers focused into the wind and wave energy technology. In the context of this project I am doing a PhD in the synergies and hydrodynamics of combined farms with co-located WTs and WECs at the University College Cork (UCC) in Ireland.
Current CityCork
Current CountryIreland
E-Mail[email protected]

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Research FocusThe topic of my research is the synergies and hydrodynamics of combined farms with co-located WTs and WECs. The objective is look into the hydrodynamic interactions between both technologies to prove that WECs can be used as shields to attenuate the wave energy arriving to the WTs. Consequently resulting synergies would appear; an increase of the access weather windows or a decrease of the structural loads, and for floating WTs as well a reduction of motions and thus an increase of the operational hours.
TitleHydrodynamics of combined farms with co-located WECs and WTs
Institution NameCentre for Marine Renewable Energy Ireland (MaREI) - University College Cork
Institution TypeUniversity

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AreaOffshore Wind, Wave

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FocusHydrodynamics, Arrays
TypeNumerical modelling


SymposiaNaples, Italy (2015)

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